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Let's change the way we taste chocolate

Exclusively from TasteTech flavour8 is a brand new flavour system designed for direct incorporation into high fat, low water systems such as chocolate, toffee or biscuit creams. The flavour remains locked inside until moisture in the mouth dissolves the coating, releasing a burst of flavour.

Alongside the key benefits flavour8 allows manufacturers to create innovative flavour combinations without worrying about flavour cross contamination. This technology will inspire new product development across the industry.


flavour8 will revolutionise the industry

  • Low contamination to plant and surrounding environment in an easy to handle, high density, low dust powder
  • High volatile retention in an encapsulated powder with more than twice the active ingredient per particle compared to spray dry
  • Longer shelf life when compared to other flavour formats thanks to the highly impermeable encapsulation barrier
  • Cost in use savings due to a lower dosage required for the same impact when compared to spray dry
  • Stable in high fat, low water activity systems which only release upon contact with moisture, giving more control throughout manufacturing
  • Super soluble for fast release providing quick release, high impact flavours in a user-friendly powder format
  • Distributes well into high fat systems, preventing hot spots and is flexible enough to suit your processes

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