Our encapsulated sweeteners offer a range of benefits across the food and drink industry – but especially in chewing gum. A major issue when using sweeteners in sugar-free chewing gum is that the flavour and sweetness fade too quickly. Encapsulation provides a more sustained release, meaning a longer-lasting experience for consumers.

At TasteTech, we offer both natural and artificial sweeteners, as well as blends, to help you recreate the taste of sugar, no matter the application.

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Acesulfame K


Acesulfame + Sucralose Blend

Aspartame + Acesulfame K blend



These ingredients are ideal for use in:

  • Chewing gum

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Features and Benefits

[Great cost-in-use][Highly concentrated][Prolonged sweetness][Range of formats suitable for any application][Natural, vegan and vegetarian options available]