Reduce Raw Ingredient Costs with TasteTech Flavourings

This article was originally written in March 2020, but it is just as relevant today. 

The prices of raw ingredients are constantly changing, and this is particularly true for natural ingredients. Global issues such as climate change, crop harvests and political upheaval mean manufacturing costs are rarely consistent.

TasteTech flavourings can offer protection against fluctuating raw ingredient costs, as they provide the aroma and taste that consumers expect while reducing reliance on the real thing.

The fluctuation of cocoa prices

To help explain this using a specific example we looked at the recent fluctuation in cocoa prices. In the first quarter of 2020, the long-term forecast for cocoa prices rose considerably due to weather conditions. Many of the world’s cocoa beans are grown in Africa, specifically in Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana. Winds in West Africa reduced rain and sap soil moisture, negatively impacting cocoa pods and bean size. This led to a shortage of cocoa, resulting in higher demand and an increase in price (for more information, follow this link).

These price increases are inevitably passed down the chain to manufacturers. Cocoa prices might be high right now, but this issue can apply to all types of natural raw ingredients. From menthol to strawberries to butter and sugar – if the supply relies on farmed resources, then they can come under pressure.

How can TasteTech flavourings help?

Our flavourings can provide a consistent flavour profile at a more stable price. Not only that but when used alongside raw ingredients, they can amplify the flavour, producing a more satisfying experience for the customer. For example, TasteTech chocolate flavourings have been designed to reduce the amount of cocoa required by up to 50%.

Our flavourings can lessen the amount of raw ingredients required, meaning manufacturers are less susceptible to fluctuating raw ingredient costs, without sacrificing on taste.

TasteTech’s team of in-house specialists have years of experience working with manufacturers to provide the perfect flavour profile.

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