Flavourings that are built to last

Giving security and flexibility in manufacturing

Having reliable ingredients that last a long time is invaluable in modern manufacturing. TasteTech has almost 30 years of experience in creating flavourings and ingredients that do just that. Find out more about the importance of long shelf lives in ingredients, and what you can expect from our products in the blog below.

Why the long shelf life?

The shelf life of all ingredients is vital to food manufacturers and flavourings are no exception. Of course, a flavouring with a long shelf life will contribute to a longer shelf life in the final product.

However, not only does it contribute to the shelf life of the finished products, but it allows for more flexibility in production. A flavouring with a long shelf life means that companies have the security in knowing that they have plenty of time to get it into production. They can move production runs to better meet demands, NPD departments can use it in new products, and they can buy in larger amounts to reduce costs.

What do we offer?

Shelf-life of flavourings is affected by the chemicals that make it up and the process it goes through. Liquid flavourings do not go through any processes, leaving them unprotected and with a shelf life dictated by the constituent chemicals that make them up.

On the other hand, our standard powder flavourings go through the spray drying process, which affords them extra protection, as well as making them easier to store and handle. Our spray drying process is so good that we give the majority of our flavourings a shelf life of eighteen months.

flavour8 – maximum flavour, maximum shelf life

The volatile chemicals used in flavourings are the ones that oxidise fastest. Our unique flavour8 process locks in these volatile components, meaning that not only is the intense flavour locked in, but the shelf life is greatly extended.

The minimum shelf life we give our flavour8 products is two years, with some going as high as three. From the moment it leaves the factory to when the consumer eats it, the volatiles are fully protected. The result is flavours that taste as great as the day they leave our factory even two years after they were made.

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