Bakery Acids

Enhancing shelf-life, maintaining volume.

Our encapsulation technology can achieve spectacular results with bakery acids. The encapsulation technology prevents negative reactions in chemically leavened goods, improving the volume and structure of the product. Perfect for a wide range of applications including bagels, cakes, flatbreads, muffins and batter mixes.

Encapsulated Bakery Acids - TasteTech

Why choose encapsulated bakery acids?

  • Control pH and increase mould-free shelf life
  • Optimise volume
  • Ensure optimum texture and structure of finished product
  • Promote batch consistency
  • Enhance fruit flavours

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Encapsulated Acids - TasteTech

Encapsulated malic acid in cakes

When used in cakes, encapsulated malic acid is very effective at reducing the pH without compromising other attributes of the product. The high-rate reaction acids have been lipid encapsulated to prevent premature reactions with the sodium bicarbonate.

During the baking phase, the acids are released, contributing to volume and increasing the efficacy of other preservatives – such as potassium sorbate.

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